Our origin story

We see our team and our guests as a part of our extended family, and we know that this is just the beginning of creating a legacy where good food and connection are shared around the table.

We didn't intend to become restaurant owners, but we have always had big dreams and the will to do whatever it took to achieve them.

Growing up, our parents worked hard to provide for us and give us opportunities. Since we were children, our mother has taught us the meaning of hospitality, from greeting our guests with a warm and sincere welcome to making sure they felt at home. While we each carry a different story of what our childhood was like, our parents instilled in us both a growth mindset and the drive to bring our dreams to reality. At first, this manifested into wanting to own a big house, have nice things, and make a lot of money. Knowing that the typical path through the education system wasn't for us, we found success while working in the restaurant industry. After gaining experience and seeing how we could offer a more authentic experience, we decided to open a restaurant of our own.

While we thought our hearts were in the right place, after opening our fourth restaurant, we walked through a trying season of life and lost everything we had built. As young entrepreneurs, it was hard for us not to see this setback as a major failure. This experience turned out to be a spiritual journey for us and was the turning point that began our journey to where we are now. From here, we knew we had to find a way to communicate how we were different from the competition. Reflecting on why we were in business to begin with, we realized our work was about people. We want to support, care for, connect, and invest in our people. Serving others and seeing people come together was something we wanted to be a part of.

We quickly realized that true fulfillment wasn�t found in things, but through serving others.

In 2017, we made the decision to open the first Tacos & Tequila location in Fulton, MO with the goal to infuse our heritage and desire to create meaningful connection to provide our guests with an authentic dining experience. While we've since seen success running our businesses and are proud to be opening our third Tacos & Tequila location, the true satisfaction we get from being entrepreneurs is investing in the people that come through our doors.

Luis & Juan Carlos Morales